Refrigerator Recycling Program

Got an old refrigerator or freezer hogging energy in your home? We will pick it up for free and mail you a $35 check for participating.

By properly recycling it, you'll help conserve energy, prevent potent gases from getting out into the atmosphere, and prevent contaminants from getting into the landfill.

Program Qualifications

  • Applicant must be a San Mateo County resident
  • Refrigerator/freezer must be in working condition, empty, clean and plugged in at the time of pickup
  • Refrigerators/freezer must be regular household size (10-30 cubic feet)
  • Applicant must own the unit(s) being recycled
  • Two units maximum per household per calendar year
  • A $35 rebate check per unit will be mailed four to six weeks after collection
  • This pilot program is available on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is depleted

For questions, call 888-646-2196

Schedule Your Pickup

Peninsula Clean Energy has partnered with ARCA Recycling to collect the units and ensure they are properly recycled. To schedule your pickup with ARCA, apply online here.

Peninsula Clean Energy account information

Please enter the 5-digit ZIP Code of the address listed on your residential account.

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