To ensure the safety of our customers and contractors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering outside and in-home no-contact pickups. During your no-contact appliance pickup, our team will be wearing personal protective equipment and maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times.

For outside, no-contact pickups, our team will remove your old appliance(s) from one of the designated outside locations, including garages, porches, or outbuildings, while you remain inside your home.

For in-home, no-contact pickups, our team will remove your old appliance(s) from inside your home while maintaining 6 feet to ensure no physical contact is made with you.

For a no-contact pickup, be sure to print the authorization form provided in this application and place inside your unit prior to pickup.

How to Participate:

  • Get $50 for recycling an old, working refrigerator or freezer.
  • Get an additional $25 if you recycle an old, working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time as your refrigerator or freezer.
  • For outside, no-contact pickups, appliance(s) must be collected from a designated outside location (garage, porch or outbuilding).
  • For in-home, no-contact pickups elevator access is required for any refrigerators or freezers located above the second floor.
  • You must be a Atlantic City Electric customer with a valid account number. Your appliance(s) will be picked up at no charge from the address listed on your billing account.
  • You must own the refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier, or room air conditioner.
  • The refrigerator and/or freezer must be 10 to 30 cubic feet.
  • The refrigerator, freezer and/or dehumidifier must be cleaned out, and room air conditioner must be removed from window prior to pickup.
  • The refrigerator or freezer must be defrosted and dry, drip pan drained, and water lines disconnected.
  • Your appliance(s) must be plugged in, so the driver can verify it is in working condition. We are unable to accept any appliances with mold or mildew damage.
  • If the unit is outside for an outside no-contact pickup, ensure that your refrigerator or freezer is closed securely (door must be taped shut) and cannot be opened by children.
  • There must be a clear and safe passage for appliance removal. We cannot remove railings or move furniture.
  • An adult age 18 or older must be present in the home at the time of pickup.
  • Limit of two large appliances (refrigerators and/or freezers) and two small appliances (room air conditioners and/or dehumidifiers) per residential account per year.

For questions, call 800-253-5618

I'd like to:

(same day reschedules or cancellations must be completed via phone at 800-253-5618)


Atlantic City Electric account information

Please enter the account holder's last name as it appears on your bill.
Please enter the number - digits only - of the street address listed on your residential account (ex. an individual residing on 3021 Oak Street would enter 3021).
Please enter the 5-digit ZIP Code of the address listed on your residential account.

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